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At Untliyaz, we firmly believe any event can be executed in an elegant and cost effective fashion. Our goal is to take the hassle of planning an amazing event off your plate! We curate your perfect event, with the perfect vendors, at the perfect price. To plan your event we evaluate the needs of your venue, uncover your ideal guest experience, and plan your design elements with you at the helm. Let us use our design expertise and industry connections to make your dream a reality!

A lifelong planner and fashion enthusiast, Leah received her Bachelors of Science in Fashion and Textile Management from North Carolina State University and further expanded her fashion education at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. After establishing the catering and events division of a popular local venue, Leah set out to open her own event planning business, where she plans a variety of small and large scale events for high profile clients, corporations, politicians, military personnel, Tampa locals, and friends. 

When not planning events, Leah enjoys spending time renovating her townhome, travelling, exploring the local cuisine, and training her pomsky, Elijah. With a plethora of industry connections and recommendations at her back, Leah is ready to curate your perfect event every step of the way!


We specialize in small to medium sized events of any genre. We will schedule a 1-on-1 consultation to speak through your needs and vision; then, the Untliyaz team will design a plan in consideration of your guests, budget, and decor desires utilizing the best vendors, with the best prices. Afterwards, we will meet once again to go over your plan and design, according to your budget. Please note that we take a limited amount of projects per month to ensure thorough and detailed execution of each event. We hope you will trust us with making your event beautiful and special! 


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